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PSR Maine is a Guidestar Exchange Platinum Participant. This means that we rank as highest among nonprofits for overall transparency. PSR Maine has provided an abundance of information about our work and finances so that our donors and funders can feel confident about making an informed donation.

The voices of

health & Science

PSR Maine brings the unique ethical and scientific integrity of our diverse

community of professionals to advocate for policies and practices that eliminate

pervasive threats to the safety, security, health and well-being of the people

of Maine and the world.

Protecting children no matter where they live, learn, or play

Portland Maine becomes 22nd city to pass the Back from the Brink Resolution!

Thank you to Mayor Strimling, Councillor Ali, Councillor Batson and the Portland City Council

Join health advocates all across the US by endorsing the Back from the Brink statement here.

A resolution of the state of Maine calling on the US government to lead a global effort to prevent nuclear war

Details about the state resolution here.