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PSR Maine is a Guidestar Exchange Platinum Participant. This means that we rank as highest among nonprofits for overall transparency. PSR Maine has provided an abundance of information about our work and finances so that our donors and funders can feel confident about making an informed donation.


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Physicians for Social Responsibility Maine Chapter

Opening for Executive Director

PSR Maine, the statewide chapter of the national nonprofit Physicians for Social Responsibility, is seeking a 20-hour-per-week Executive Director.

PSR Maine is a well-respected nonprofit organization with over 3,000 members and supporters statewide celebrating 40 years of working to promote a healthy, just, secure, and sustainable world. We bring a science-based approach to public health advocacy. Our current program areas focus on the elimination of nuclear weapons (our core and founding area), the slowing of climate change, and reduction and elimination of toxic chemicals. We are an organization of health professionals and advocates that has long-standing collaborative relationships with other progressive advocacy organizations.

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PSR Maine pesticide report

Maine voters overwhelmingly are worried about
pesticide exposures to children and pets and want action

The report released in early February 2020, finds that a strong majority of Maine voters (72%) are worried about their children’s and pets’ health from exposures to pesticides. An equally strong majority (71%) say they support bans on pesticides that are applied only for cosmetic purposes. Only a very small percentage of those surveyed (9%) believe that pesticides should be used without restrictions.

We know that dangerous exposures to pesticides are associated with childhood cancers like leukemia, learning disabilities and behavioral problems associated with medical conditions like ADHD. And the only way forward is to prevent exposures especially to children who are most vulnerable because their bodies and brains are still developing.