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what cannot be cured

Guided by the values and expertise of medicine and public health, PSR Maine works to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival.

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Back from the Brink

Join health advocates all across the US by endorsing the Back from the Brink statement.

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Welcome to PSR Maine

PSR Maine is a group of health care providers, health professionals in training, and public health and citizen advocates who have shared concerns regarding public health. Our work is informed by scientific and health research – which is the foundation and defining feature of our advocacy and educational programming.

Our Core Issues

Nuclear Weapons

The medical and humanitarian reasons why our military strategy needs to be changed, and eventually nuclear weapons must be abolished

Climate and Health

The health consequences of climate change and air pollution, and the urgent need for policies that will mitigate these risks

Toxic Chemicals

The growing medical evidence that chemical exposures related to industrial pollution and common household product use have complex interactions with human physiology and are contributing to the noted increase in obesity and chronic illnesses.

Our Campaigns

Back from the Brink

There are currently 68 nations that have ratified and are legally bound by the International Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which calls for the elimination of all nuclear weapons. The US is not one of them. PSR Maine works in collaboration with representatives from major medical, health, faith, and peace organizations in Maine, to get other organizations and local governments to adopt resolutions educating the public about the urgent humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and to urge elected officials to prevent nuclear war through policy changes and diplomacy. Join our work in this campaign to encourage other organizations and local governments to endorse the Bank from the Brink statement.


National PSR has launched a #DemandAccess campaign that seeks equitable access to health and justice for all people by demanding access everywhere it is currently being denied. This campaign is geared toward young professionals and centers on the principle that our bloated military budget impairs investments in our true source of strength – healthy, well-educated, and economically vibrant communities. The #DemandAccess Campaign is geared to young health professionals aged 18-35 interested in working at the intersection of nuclear weapons and social justice issues from a health and social justice perspective. Help us start #DemandAccess in Maine!

Maine’s Environmental Priorities Coalition (EPC)

EPC is a partnership of 37 environmental, conservation, and public health organizations together representing over 120,000 residents of Maine who want to protect the good health, good jobs, and quality of life that our environment provides.  As a member of the EPC, PSR Maine works to identify important legislation that we will support for each legislative session. Join our work in this campaign to engage with the state legislature on important policies.

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