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Keep methane waste limits

Bangor Daily News LTE, Paul Potvin, MD, PSR Maine Climate Committee. “Now is not the time to go backward and unravel processes that limit the extent of climate change. Rising global temperatures already are causing illness, suffering and death. In Maine, we are seeing the spread of Lyme disease, and as humidity and temperatures rise, …

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Eating less meat can make a real difference in fighting climate change

Portland Press Herald PSR Maine’s ED, Karen D’Andrea comments on how food choices can be a simple and cheap way to fight climate change, article also highlights PSR Maine’s climate food event. “While many of us want to do something, D’Andrea pointed out ‘not all of us can afford to put solar panels on our …

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Changes have come: Reflecting on a year of sustainable learnings

Portland Press Herald PPH’s food critic highlights learnings from PSR Maine climate food event. “At a vegan food tasting sponsored by the Maine Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility in July, I learned that if Americans ate just 30 percent less beef, it would be the equivalent of taking the tailpipe emissions from 10 million …

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