Maine Health Professionals for Climate Action

About Us:

Maine Health Professionals for Climate Action (MHPCA) is a coalition of health professionals including nurses, physicians, health professional students, and public health leaders concerned about the impacts of climate change on Maine residents, especially those in vulnerable populations. MHPCA was founded in response to what health professionals are already experiencing in health care settings throughout Maine.

MHPCA engages Maine health professionals to learn about the health harms of climate change and advocate for equitable solutions that protect public health and support a sustainable future.

Experts from the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health, based at George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication provide guidance to MHPCA Executive Committee. MHPCA operates under the umbrella of the Maine Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Our Mission:

Engage - health professionals and health organizations in a climate discussion. Recruit health professionals to learn about climate change and understand the health impacts.

Educate - health professionals, their patients, and policymakers about the health effects of climate change and the health benefits of climate solutions.

Advocate - for policies that support a healthy sustainable future. Advocate for solutions that incorporate economic and social justice, and that pay close attention to vulnerable communities.

For more information contact:

Marj Plumb, DrPH, Executive Director, PSR Maine at to learn more about this emerging coalition.