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Nuclear Weapons

We are working on a resolutions in Maine that reflect policy changes in the Back from the Brink statement.

The abolition of nuclear weapons has been the core goal of PSR since its founding in 1961. Great gains have been made since that time, but still thousands of U.S. nuclear missiles remain on hair trigger. New nuclear weapons systems are regularly being proposed by the Department of Defense; one of the most recent, the “bunker buster” bomb, was denied funding thanks in great part to PSR Maine’s efforts to educate Senator Susan Collins on the public health hazards of such a weapon.

We believe that physicians and other medical and healthcare professionals have a role to play in the prevention of nuclear war.

We use the Back from the Brink statement as a tool to communicate with our policy makers and the public about reducing and abolishing nuclear weapons as well as using diplomacy to reduce nuclear tensions.

In 2013 and 2014, we worked in collaboration with national PSR and other PSR chapters across the United States, this work was strategically focused to raise awareness among Rotary clubs. Today we continue to give this presentation to Rotary Clubs and in other public venues. The presentation encompasses the devastating effects of limited nuclear strikes and the famine they could cause. The committee has scheduled Rotary talks over the fall and winter.

In 2016, PSR Maine hosted a portion of Boston PSR chapter’s symposium on climate change and the growing risk of nuclear war. Our remote viewing, at USM, spotlighted the segment with Bill McKibbon and PSR National’s executive director, Catherine Thomasson. We also undertook the task of creating our first position paper on our nuclear weapons work.