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Ukraine Nuclear Weapons Webinar

Ukraine & Nuclear Weapons: Finding a Way Forward

Panel discussion co-hosted by PSR Maine and Veterans for Peace on Ukraine, nuclear risks, and the way forward.

Maine Pesticide Report 2020

Pesticides in Maine: A Growing Public Health Concern

This report from PSR Maine highlights the serious risks to children’s health from pesticide exposure and presents new data showing strong support among Maine voters for government action to prevent exposure and protect the health of children and pets.

State Resolution Handout

Maine and Nuclear Weapons

There is no cure for a nuclear detonation — only prevention — which is why many of Maine’s health, faith, and other organizations support the Back from the Brink statement. Handout from PSR Maine.

Phil Landrigan Toxics Video

What Everyone Should Know About Toxics with Dr. Phil Landrigan

Dr Phil Landrigan’s toxics lecture from our event at UNE in 2018. Includes the Q&A following the lecture.

Phthalates Quick Learn

Video: Phthalates Quick-Learn

A 5-minute Quick-learn video that introduces the topic of phthalates as a health risk and how to avoid exposures.

Climate Nuclear Nexus

The Climate-Nuclear Nexus

Natural disasters and climate change-induced extreme weather events can have grave implications for nuclear security and safety. Handout from PSR Maine.

Stop The Race

Stop the New Nuclear Arms Race

New nuclear weapons do nothing to make the United States more secure. Handout from PSR Maine.

Dangerous Chemicals Healthy Homes

Dangerous Chemicals – Healthy Homes

Kids put everything in their mouth. It’s part of how they explore their world. Help them explore more safely with these tips.

Pesticides Handout


Handout from PSR Maine on the dangers of pesticides and how to protect your family.

Phthalates Handout

Phthalates: The Everywhere Chemical

Handout from PSR Maine. Phthalates are used as binders and plasticizers in everyday items and found in so many places they are called the everywhere chemical.