Ukraine & Nuclear Weapons: Finding a Way Forward April 18, 2022

Watch the recording here

In this webinar, Peter Wilk of Back from the Brink, Ken Mayers of Veterans for Peace, and Martin Fleck and Jasmine Owens of Physicians for Social Responsibility discuss nuclear risks related to Ukraine. What are the current risks? Can they be reduced? What can Americans, in all our diversity, do to reduce immediate and long-term nuclear risks? Co-sponsored by Maine Physicians for Social Responsibility & Veterans for Peace.

Martin Fleck is Program Director for PSR’s Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program, where he develops and implements national campaigns for nuclear disarmament, nuclear nonproliferation, and sensible security budget priorities.

Ken Mayers, a board member of Veterans for Peace and former Marine Corps captain, has been an activist for peace and a multitude of other social justice causes for over 50 years.

Jasmine Owens, Lead Organizer and Policy Coordinator for PSR’s Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program, has a passion for nuclear abolition and a deep commitment to making messaging around nuclear weapons more accessible to the public.

Peter Wilk, MD, Administrative Chair of Back from the Brink and former president of PSR, has worked with Maine PSR for over 40 years to reduce the risk of nuclear war, with the goal of complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

Watch the recording here

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