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Climate Nuclear Nexus

The Climate-Nuclear Nexus

Natural disasters and climate change-induced extreme weather events can have grave implications for nuclear security and safety. Handout from PSR Maine.

Respiratory Disease And Climate Change

Respiratory Disease and Climate Change

Dirty power plants pollute our air and endanger vulnerable populations in addition to contributing to climate change. Handout from PSR Maine. 

Vector And Climate Handout

Vector-Borne Disease and Climate Change

Handout from PSR Maine on how climate change spreads disease from ticks and mosquitos.

Climate And Food Handout

Climate and Food

Handout from PSR Maine summarizing how our food system contributes to climate change and what you can do.

Death By Degrees Handout

Death by Degrees Handout

Handout from PSR summarizing the full Death by Degrees report.

Climate And Food Waste

Climate and Food Waste

Handout from PSR Maine on the climate impact of food waste, with tips on composting.


Carbon Price Policy Statement

PSR Maine supports legislation that mandates a gradually increasing price on carbon-based fuels based on their true costs to health.


Position Paper on Climate Change

Position paper from PSR Maine describing our work on climate change and related legislation.

Dbd Cover

Death by Degrees

This report summarizes some of the major threats to the health of Maine citizens resulting from the observed changes in Maine’s climate.